Newborns From Viral Disney Princess Photoshoot Reunite One Year Later

"These projects are so much fun for me."

As a lifelong fan of the Disney princesses, it was only natural that Belly Beautiful Portraits photographer Karen Marie ultimately used her love for these characters as inspiration for one of her many photoshoots.

"My mother and grandmother would read and watch [the books and movies] with me," she told Babble. "These amazing tales of love and courage have always resonated with me."

But the maternity and newborn photographer never expected her first session with these newborn princesses to go viral the way it did in 2017.

"I was on vacation in Puerto Rico at the time and was having so much fun doing interviews and watching the images reach far away places," Marie told A Plus. "I hope that everyone saw the beauty in what I was making and could see my love for each of the princesses and their story shine through. 


To celebrate the princesses' collective first birthday, Karen Marie invited the original six — Ariel, Snow White, Aurora, Cinderella, Belle, and Jasmine — to return to Belly Beautiful Portraits for a one-year update.

"At the end of the first newborn shoot, we knew we wanted to get them together again for the one- year. All the parents were so happy to be a part of it again!" Marie told A Plus.

"All the parents were so excited to come back and do the cake smash," Karen Marie told TODAY. "It was so much fun to see the newborns as toddlers running with curiosity and excitement — and there was cake everywhere."

"I think the Disney Princesses captivate all of us, young and old alike, because of their inner strength," Marie told Babble. "They are heroic in everything that they do. Their perseverance, their courage and bravery against all odds, and their uncompromising goodness are traits that we have in all of us and want to exemplify."

Marie, who worked as a maternity nurse before transitioning to photography 12 years ago, says it was her own children that inspired her to make the career move.

"I really loved working as a nurse. It was such a great experience in my life," she said. "My passion for all things pregnancy really drove my direction of study as a nurse. It was a very natural transition when I was caring for my own newborns at home and capturing moments with my new Nikon."

As Marie told A Plus, her photoshoots allow her to reach beyond the lens and tap into her creativity as an artist. "These projects are so much fun for me," she said. "Creating the props and backdrops for all sets, choosing the color palates of each shot, and trying to tell part of the story within the image is an exciting artistic endeavor for me."

Marie also noted that watching these children grow and sharing their light with the world remains one of the greatest rewards of her career, as doing so spreads joy and happiness to all who view these images.

"It is really amazing to see how much the newborns change in that first year of life — from being so small and delicate as newborns to having so much personality, curiosity and joy!" Marie told Babble. "I truly love what I do."

"I think that last year's shoot really sent a lot of happiness through a small part of the world," she added, "and I was just hoping that this could extend those feelings. They are so adorable!"

Cover image via Belly Beautiful Portraits


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