18 Hilarious Rapper And Vintage Baseball Cards Mashups That You Have To See

Weezy on the hot corner!

The artists from Straight Outta Cooperstown have really outdone themselves.


Creative minds, Zac Milner and Cori Johnson, took vintage baseball cards from legendary players and coaches like Wade Boggs, Joe Torre and Bob Lemon and replaced all of the faces with legendary rappers.

Aside from the hilarious mashup of famous rappers faces on baseball bodies, the names they came up with are fantastic and spot on as well.

Just check out these few: Lil Wade Boggs, Joe Torreous B.I.G., Queen Lasorda, Slick Rickey Henderson, Bob Leminem, Kendrick Lamolitor. Too good!

Now, lets go check out 18 of their clever designs. Be sure to let us and the artists know which cards are your favorite.

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