Redditor Turns Vintage Television Into Amazing Liquor Cabinet

This guy is my new hero.

There's something to be said about perusing Reddit at all hours of the night while writers and editors from other media organizations are smugly snuggled under their warm blankets while dreams of the perfect headlines dance through their heads. Thanks to last night's insomnia, I discovered these photographs by Redditor and Imgurian Mammakjeks posted of a DIY project he recently completed...


He turned a vintage television set into an awesome liquor cabinet.

I contacted Mammakjeks and he graciously granted us permission to use his photographs so that we can share his project with you. 


We urge EXTREME CAUTION if you're going to attempt something like this on your own. Cathode ray tubes (CRT), found in older televisions, can hold a charge strong enough to kill or severely injure you if handled incorrectly. If you're inexperienced in dealing with electronics, do NOT TRY THIS.

Here's the TV in its original state. Note the liquor cabinet to the side.

In the original gallery, he describes the TV as a Tandberg model TV3-47 that he "picked up at a second hand store for 30 bucks." 

According to Wikipedia, Tandberg was a Norwegian tape recorder and television manufacturer that began making TVs in 1960. 

The first step was to gut the TV. The back door was removed ...

Revealing the inner life of the old Tandberg: transistors, vacuum tubes, and the cathode ray tube (center).

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"Disclaimer: Do not mess around with old CRTs as they can hold a charge for years. Handle with care."


After carefully discharging the TV, he commenced further disassembly.

He gently removed the heavy glass tube and electronics, leaving the cabinet ready for modification.

Gotta make sure the bottles will fit.

He created a new backplate and walls with 6-millimeter-thick composite wood panels.

The speaker was left in so that he can add an amp later.

The panels were painted a light mint color.

He used an Ikea Dioder control for the LED light strip. The control fits behind a sliding door on the cabinet.

And here's part one of his epic creation!

He also plans to do some cord clean-up in the back of the unit and do something with the speaker for the second part of the project, which, ideally we will journey to Norway to cover as a follow-up piece.

See the full photo gallery on Imgur and his comments on Reddit.

Cool, right?!

Check out his Instagram account — his living room is fantastic.

Many thanks to Mammakjeks for his kind permission. If you're ever in NYC and you feel like altering my desk, please feel free to drop by.


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