No Men Are Allowed To Live In This Village And For A Good Reason

Its called Umoja.

In Northern Kenyan there sits a village. This isn't unlikely for Africa, where hundreds of villagers call home. But this place is different. It's called Umoja and no men are allowed. 

The women-only town houses no more than 50 women and 200 children, but they all have one thing in common: they're survivors of sex crimes, ranging from rape to genital mutilation. Umoja is their safe haven. According to The Guardian, it's surrounded by a thorn fence and 15 women founded the village in 1990 after British troops raided Kenya and raped many of the women in their path. 

Here these women are free to live in peace and do things that they normally would not be able to in a co-ed living arrangement. 

"I am allowed to make my own money and when a tourist buys some of my beads I am so proud," one tells The Guardian

The women also have help though from resources on the outside. 


One of their supporters is a nonprofit called Umoja Women, which raises money on their behalf, usually through donations. 

Though some countries are on their way to seeing a decrease in violence against women — such as Nigeria, which recently banned female genital mutilation that has affected more than 130 million girls — there's still a long way to go. Rape and sexual assault cases in the country hit as high as 46,253 in 2013-2014.

In Umoja, the women can find peace among the chaos elsewhere.

For more, check out The Guardian's piece. 

(H/T: Newser)


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