This Beautiful Video Shows How Lighting Completely Changes Your Appearance

So that's why they use red lights in nightclubs ...

A hypnotic video from 2013 has resurfaced and it's blowing the internet's mind.

The video, directed and produced by Nacho Guzman, was originally intended to be a teaser for "Sparkles and Wine," a video single from French duo Opale's first album L'Incandescent, but is going viral thanks to Guzman's spectacular use of lighting.

On the final version of the video, posted to Vimeo, Guzman notes that "Sparkles and Wine" was "created entirely without the assistance of any kind of animation software or 3D technique. What you see has been generated on real time thanks to the lighting system and the kinetic optical feedback, and then mixed together."

The lighting alone casts deep, gorgeous shadows on the model's face, extracting tension and emotion in her every expression.


Paired with Opale's ethereal soundtrack, Guzman's lighting evokes maternal warmth ...

... and dark mystery in every angle.

It's like an instant primer on how to use color to craft your appearance. For example ...

These pale greens cast a mood of spectral power...

But the rose light here is pure, seductive fever.

Watch the teaser here:

You can check out the complete video on YouTube or Vimeo


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