It's Impossible Not To Yawn Watching This Video

It's a mousetrap!

According to scientists, yawning is so contagious, even reading about it can make you do it.

Yawning when others yawn is a sign of empathy and a form of social bonding, studies claim. People develop this behavior at around four-years-old. Dogs, cats, chimpanzees and other species are also prone to infectious yawns.

But what's theory without practice, right? This video puts us all to the test.


Although yawning mostly occurs when we are sleepy, tedious, stressed or tired and is also triggered by others yawning, scientists still haven't found the one true empirical reason to explain this reflex.

Interestingly, yawning is rarely inherent to autistic children. Researcher at the University of Connecticut, Molly Helt, found out that autistic kids are less likely to catch yawns because they "might be missing out on that unconscious emotional linkage to those around them."

Further research may help doctors diagnose development disorders and better understand the important aspects of communication and social behavior that children with autism don't experience.

Now seriously, make it stop. Pleaseeee.

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