Gorgeous Ukrainian Models Reveal What They Would Choose As Their Spirit Animals


A number of cultures around the world believe that every person is born with an animal totem — a magical spirit that protects, teaches and inspires you as you go through life.

Fascinated by this idea, film director Gigi Ben Artzi and his team created a captivating video titled "Fashionable Animal." The video shows a bunch of Ukrainian models sharing thoughts on what their spirit animal should be.


Some are inspired by the carefree spirit of horses.

While others choose to embrace their idleness.

Who hasn't dreamt of becoming a bird, even if just for a day?

According to the video's executive and creative producer, Pavel Buryak, the biggest challenge was to find women whose exteriors would match the spirit animals they were talking about.

The video was shot in 16 millimeter film, which gives it a distinct, grainy feel. It also was a major international project, because, per Buryak, its making united people from countries like Ukraine, Israel and Hong Kong.

Watch the full video below and let us know about your spirit animal.

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