Video Shows What Would Happen If Guys Were Asked Same Sexist Questions Female Athletes Get Every Day

"Can you give us a twirl and tell us about your outfit?"

Hairstyles, body, outfits ... these are all things appropriate to discuss when you're talking to your girlfriends or binge watching another season of America's Next Top Model.

However, comments like that shouldn't arise in professional speech, especially when talking to or about notable people who made great achievements through their hard work.

And yet they do! But most of the times they only target women — whether they're lawyers, scientists or athletes.

A new campaign, titled Cover the Athlete, is willing to put an end to this and found a rather creative to draw people's attention.


It took various clips from sports history, in which female athletes are faced with inappropriate interview questions ...

... and paired them with footage of male athletes to show how ridiculous it looks.

The above clip has been adapted to poke fun at an inappropriate remark faced by 21-year-old tennis player Eugenie Bouchard. 

After winning a match against Kiki Bertens at the Australian Open 2015, the young Canadian was asked by an interviewer to "give a twirl" and talk about her outfit.

Can you ever imagine a male athlete being questioned on things like this? Highly doubt that ...

"If you could date anyone in the world, who would you date?"

"Removing body hair gives you an edge in the pool. How 'bout your love life?"

"Sexist commentary, inappropriate interview questions, and articles focused on physical appearance not only trivializes a woman's accomplishments but also sends a message that her value is based on her looks, not her ability," creators of Cover the Athlete write.

They demand media adjust its coverage of women's sports so that it focuses on the athlete and encourages people to send a message to news networks using the hashtag #CoverTheAthlete.

Watch the full video below and be sure to share your thoughts with us!


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