Video Shows Kids Trying On Clothing For The First Time

Some funny fashion moments.

One of the most cherished milestones of childhood is the moment when a toddler is finally able to dress themselves. WatchCut captured this memorable occasion in a new YouTube video that is sure to warm your heart with vast amounts of cuteness.

WatchCut invited a group of toddlers — and their parents — to see how well they can try on different types of clothing all by themselves. Some of the clothing options available included t-shirts, dresses and raincoats. A few of the toddlers were able to somewhat dress themselves in matching clothing and accessories. A few toddlers needed help from each other in order to find the right clothes.

Of course, there were some funny moments in the video as the kids attempted to put on clothes, but couldn't determine which way certain pieces of clothing went on.


One kid had problems putting her arms in the armholes.

And another child made an interesting fashion choice.

While there is no universal age when kids should dress themselves, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommends that toddlers between the ages of 1 and 2 should be positively encouraged by parents to dress themselves. This act of parenting promotes healthy independence.

Occupational therapist Emily Austin told that children who dress themselves should already have numerous skills, including gross motor, fine motor, and cognitive.

Of course, some types of clothing are easier to put on than others for a child, depending on how many zippers or buttons there might be, for example.

Watch the full video:


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