Not Every Teen Is Going Nuts Over The Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge And These Kiddos Prove It

"What is that?"

From the mouths of babes. 

In their latest episode of "Kids React," YouTube duo The Fine Brothers asked a bunch of kids aged 6 to 12 to share their opinions on the dangerous trend of teens trying to imitate reality star Kylie Jenner's bee-stung lips by sucking the air out of a shot glass.


First, the Fine Brothers showed them photos of teens attempting the challenge. Needless to say, they weren't impressed.

Then, they were asked what had prompted the teens' painful-looking lips. Most of them had no clue.

Others were genuinely shocked by the fact that some people don't appreciate their lips just the way they are. Tell 'em, kiddo!

At the end, the YouTubers gave the kids more context about the challenge and asked them why they thought so many people wanted to try it, even if they knew it's dangerous and potentially disfiguring.

Their sincere, heartfelt answers were nothing short of amazing.

 One suggested that we all should just be ourselves. Another encouraged people to celebrate their individuality. But the best advice was that we should stop caring so much about the external beauty because it's what's inside that counts.

Watch the full video below.

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