Clever Video Perfectly Explains The Meaning Of Consent. And It Doesn't Even Mention The Word 'Sex.'

Tea just got A LOT sexier.

"The birds and the bees" is probably the sex ed analogy most people who are now in their twenties grew up with. But it might be soon replaced by a  brilliant new one — tea.

People at animation and film company Blue Seat Studios created a genius video that uses tea as a metaphor to explain the premise of consensual sex. The short animation features stick figures taking part in a variety of situations that involve saying "yes" or "no" to a cup of tea.


Situation No. 1.

So the first and foremost thing you need to do before offering your Earl Grey to someone is ask. Find out if the other person is interested and feels the same about tea (or, more literally, sex) as you do.

If the answer is yes, proceed.

Situation No. 2.

But keep in mind that people's opinions change. 

Even if they said they would like a cup of tea at first, they might change their mind. Don't be pushy. 

And as one of the commenters on Vimeo said, "If someone is dressed for a tea party, that doesn't mean that they automatically want tea."

Watch the brilliant video below for the full breakdown and remember — consent is sexy.

(H/T: Good Magazine)

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