Victoria's Secret Model Has The Most Perfect Response To Reporter's 'Stupid' Question


Say hello to Magdalena Frackowiak.


This 31-year-old beauty from Gdansk, Poland has gorgeous looks and her catwalk skills are on point. It's no surprise she was picked as one of Victoria's Secret's Angels of the year.

Work it, lady.

But Frackowiak is not only a talented model, she also knows how to take a stand for herself.

In a backstage video at a Victoria's Secret fashion show, a TMZ reporter approached Frackowiak with a pretty ridiculous question. 

"What are you the most excited about eating after the show?" the reporter asks Frackowiak while she's getting her makeup ready backstage.

"What?!" she laughs in confusion.

"No, guys. Not with these kinds of questions. This is stupid," she continues. "Ask more smart questions. Not eating after the show... You make me look like an idiot."

"It seems like I’m starving myself, and I can’t wait for the show to end to eat."


While other Victoria's Secret models told the TMZ reporter they crave foods like ice-cream and pizza after a show, Frackowiak just shut the reporter right down. 

No one seems to be overly concerned about athletes' special diets before and after their big games, so why should models be mocked because of their balanced diets and fitness routines before fashion shows?

You can watch the entire video below. Frackowiak's kickass answer comes around the 0:44 mark.


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