Another Women's Lingerie Line Just Responded To The Victoria's Secret 'The Perfect Body' Ad In The Best Way

This is what a lingerie ad should look like.

At the end of October, lingerie brand Victoria's Secret released a new collection and the ad that went along with it struck a cold, hard nerve

Their new collection is called "The Perfect Body" and the accompanying ad features the Victoria's Secret models, tall, thin and mostly white, alongside of it. It wasn't long before girls and women picked up on the message — the one that makes women feel bad about their bodies because of an unrealistic ideal seen over and over again — and they aren't buying the gimmick.

Two women started a petition called "Apologise for, and amend the irresponsible marketing of your new bra range 'Body," that currently has over 23,000 signatures. 


And while that will hopefully get the famous retailer's attention, another women's garment line called Dear Kate has also decided to come back at the brand with a taste of their own medicine. Except this time, they put out an ad shot by Brister Photo that represents all women instead of a select few. And that their bodies are perfect, too (see below).

"As if women need a reminder of our society's homogenous definition of beauty, the ad features ten models with almost identical body shapes. The creators of
the ad probably didn't think twice about the message it is sending, and to us, it's irresponsible marketing," Dear Kate wrote on their site's blog. "As an all-girl company, we think we can do better."

And so they did with their redone "Perfect Body" ad. They tweeted the photo on social media, contributing to the hastag campaign #IAmPerfect — which originated in response to the ad. 

A+ reached out to Victoria's Secret for comment but has yet to hear back. 

The uproar comes at the heels of more women and brands coming together to take a stand against photoshopping and one specific type of beauty. Marlena Doerr and Ilana Wallenstein, two high school students and the founder of "The Honest Beauty Project," put it perfectly: "The media tells us that there is one way to be beautiful."

Enough is enough. 


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