Kind Of NSFW Photos Prove Just How Beautiful Curves Can Be

Because all bodies are beautiful.

Fashion photographer Victoria Janashvili has made it her mission to put all types of bodies in the spotlight, and her latest effort is making a huge (paint?) splash.

"Even though the average American woman is a size 14, our society continues to set stereotypes as standards when it relates to the real body image of women," said Janashvili in a press release. 

She hopes that her new art photography book "Curves," currently being funded through Kickstarter, will help us imagine what it means to be "beautiful" a little more inclusively. 

"Curves" will feature all types of bodies. Big, small, you name it, and it'll be there, celebrated for being the uniquely beautiful work of art that it is. Janashvili thinks that this kind of booty-representation has the potential to change lives.


"In today's society the suicidal rate is the highest in recorded history and it's mostly appearance based," she wrote on Kickstarter.

"This means that by spreading an image of a realistic and beautiful body that women of all ages can relate to and find beautifully portrayed we can save some lives."

"This is an important book. For the fashion industry. For media. For women."

"By expanding, and then reclaiming, the discussion about appearance, we can remove some of the focus from it in women’s lives: old and young."

"We love your booty."

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(H/T: Elite Daily)


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