Watch James Corden And Victoria Beckham Combine Carpool Karaoke With An '80s Movie Spoof

They're here to "spice up your life."

When Victoria Beckham teased on social media earlier this week that she was filming a new Carpool Karaoke segment with James Corden, most of us were expecting it to look something like the host's many other celebrity sing-alongs.

That's partly what we got, but we never could have expected that it would be combined with a wonderfully weird '80s movie spoof. The pair embodies roles originally played by Andrew McCarthy and Kim Cattrall in a new take on the 1987 romantic comedy Mannequin, about a man who falls in love with a department store dummy.


While everyone else sees Victoria as just a mannequin, James sees the love of his life.

But when she yearns to be with others like her, James decides to help her get back home. They set off on a journey that takes them — you guessed it — into the front seat of James' car.

"Do you mind if we listen to some music?" James asks.

"I think we should," Victoria responds.

Cue the "Spice Up Your Life" performance we were all waiting for:

We're still holding out hope that James gets all five Spice Girls in his car one day, but we have no reason to complain about seeing Posh Spice returning to her roots. Even if she's playing a mannequin while she does it.

As one commenter said, "This is so absurd ... and I absolutely loved it!"

Find out what happens next in the video below:


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