If You've Ever Dreamed Of Standing Up To School Bullies, Now Is Your Big Chance

Be the change.

In Angel Green's final note to her mother, she affirmed that bullying was the reason she felt she couldn't go on living.  So Danielle Green resolved to honor her daughter's memory by dedicating herself to the anti-bullying cause.

"The pain of losing a child is indescribable," Danielle wrote on her Change.org petition. "The only way I can move forward now is to dedicate myself to making sure that this never happens to another family."

Unfortunately, one of the most senseless and unacceptable realities plaguing our nation is the fact that 50 percent of kids have been victims of cyberbulling and the third leading cause of death among those between the age of 10 and 24 is suicide.

Certainly, it should be the schools' responsibility to discipline children for cruel behavior, but in the Green family's experience, the schools were virtually useless.

"You have people saying these kids need to 'grow a pair,'" Danielle told A Plus.  "These kids are kids; they don't know how to effectively negotiate and problem solve and that's why we're here as adults to help them do that."

Angie Stagge's daughter, Chelsea, was left with permanent nerve damage after she was beaten up by a group of her classmates.  


Together, and with the help of Change.org, Danielle and Angie created a petition. They even collected enough signatures to stop legislation that would have dismantled anti-bullying laws in their home state of Indiana.

It is their belief that a zero tolerance policy in schools is still not enough to effectively put a stop to bullying.  Danielle described a school in Indiana that now sends its students through a mock court system.  After implementing that program, they've seen bullying virtually drop off the radar among their students. 

"If the schools can be given the tools to be able to discipline and even make it part of the curriculum, kids will understand that bullying is not acceptable behavior and that there is a consequence," she said.

That's why she and Stagge are now expanding their cause. They are looking to the federal government to help protect kids across the country from the dangers of bullying. 

"These kids are our future," Danielle said. "I want them to understand that kindness wins."

Please help them put an end to bullying in the United States by signing their petition. Every signature can help. 


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