This Guy Uses Acid, Chisels And Explosives To Carve Stunning Artworks Into Walls


Ever heard of the term creative mess? You know, where all your best ideas are born while sitting at a cluttered desk, or lying in a bed that's completely covered with clothes, pillows, stuffed animals and whatnot?

Well, Portuguese graffiti and street artist Alexandre Farto, who goes by the name Vhils, gives this common expression a whole new meaning by using a very unusual technique, seldom explored in the street art world. 

Take a look:


This video shows the making of one of Vhils' pieces from his series "Detritos." It's quite a spectacle.

Here's another from the same series. Just one "Boom!" and the otherwise plain wall turns into a masterpiece.

The technique Vhils uses to make these intricate murals is called explosive-etching.

The process is fairly simple: First, Vhils carves the requested image into the wall. Then, he fills the cavities with plaster that's been laced with explosives. Once detonated, the plaster shoots away, exposing the carved wall.

According to Wired, it takes about 150 explosive charges with 1-2 g of gunpowder to achieve the desired effect.

Badassery at its finest!

It took Vhils 8 months to perfect the technique, but he's been using the deconstructive methods to create street art since the early 2000s.

And the thing that really put this young talent on the map was when his wall (image below) appeared next to the work of world-famous street artist Banksy.

However, most of Vhils' artworks were not created by using explosives. Instead, they were carved into the wall with a chisel.

This time-lapse video will give you a better idea of how it happens:

Vhils' work is focused on exposing the urban spaces that we live in; how they are being transformed by the "demanding, saturated environment" we live in.

Check out more of his works below!

(H/T: Wired)

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