4 Short Animations That Will Make You So Grateful For Veterans

Not just for Veterans Day.

Thanksgiving and Veterans Day fall within weeks of each other, but it's still easy to get lazy and confine the gratitude each day is meant to elicit to a 24-hour period. StoryCorps, the brilliant storytellers who routinely bring us the most heart-wrenching, non-"UP" animations we've ever seen, have several gorgeous military stories.

Veterans Day is about the people and their stories, not the military and policy. It's natural, and quite American to question war on Veterans Day, and these shorts do a great job of reminding us of the importance of respecting the individual stories of love, loss and strength veterans and military families represent.

They're pretty heart-wrenching, so brace yourself.


1. "1st Squad, 3rd Platoon"

2. "The Last Viewing"

3. "The Nature of War"

4. "Germans in the Woods"


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