Pre-Match Pic Shows Venus And Serena Williams Can Be Rivals And Sisters At The Same Time

The best way to travel? By golf cart.

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For the 29th time, Venus and Serena Williams faced off in a Women's Tennis Association match — doing so as fierce competitors but, more importantly, as sisters.


The Williams siblings went head to head once more in the third round of the 2018 BNP Paribas Open last night. This epic showdown comes a full 20 years since their first professional match during the second round of the 1998 Australian Open.

While many will undoubtedly be talking about what happened on the court, it's how they arrived that captured the hearts of many. Turns out the sisters rode to the match together on a golf cart. There was no meeting of two opposing forces like you might get from any other rivalry in the world of sports, there was a united front.

As for what did happen on the court, Venus defeated Serena in two straight sets winning 6-3, 6-4. Of the 29 times the sisters have met at the net, Venus has now won 12 times while Serena — who, as you might recall, just recently had a baby — has won 17 times.

Yes, of course, there was a nice hug at the end of it all.

After the match, Venus praised Serena for playing a tough in what is her first tournament after she became a mom. After gracefully schooling a reporter for calling out her age, Venus also offered up some inspiring words. 

"I'm from right down the street in Compton, California," she said. "This just shows wherever you come from — if you put in the work and you believe in yourself — you can do anything."

Serena was full of compliments for Venus as well, saying "I think this is the best she's played in awhile. She didn't make a lot of errors. She did everything great. For her, I think it was a really great match."

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