All First-Time Renters Can Relate To These Horror Stories


Moving into your first apartment is an exciting time.


As it goes with any new adventure and first apartments, there are always unforeseen problems.

For one, I was told when I moved into my first apartment that Fios was set up and ready for use.

Upon moving in on the first day, though, not only was my apartment not Fios compatible, there was no internet at all. What is life with no internet, right? I know, horror show.

However, having no internet doesn't even begin to compare to these renters and their gut-wrenching experiences. We feel for all of you.

Luckily, the internet is a place for sharing and caring, and these renters took out their problems with the hashtag #VentYourRent on Twitter. We are certainly thankful our issues aren't as bad as these.

We can see how that butter was really misleading ... to a higher place, that is.

Oh, hell no.

How do you even live without a fridge? Hopefully, there was a McDonald's nearby.

Well, at least these people had body warmth.

We can also file this one under, "Oh, hell no."

Poo?!? No. Pass on the poo.

We can see how this can ruin things for you. Steve Carell's humor will never be the same.

We advise you seek legal advice. Twitter can't help you with this one. Actually, you can probably find a lot of lawyers on Twitter. We can't promise they are real, though.


Is this shower located in Jigsaw's basement?


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