People Are Using This Emoji On Venmo All November To Help Fight Against Hunger

It's so simple.

If you're familiar with Venmo, you've probably sent your friends some money using nonsensical emojis in place of a payment description. But now, Aldi and Venmo have teamed up to create a custom emoji that can make a world of difference.

It's the Turkey Hand Friendsgiving Emoji, and it resembles a handprint decorated like a turkey, with orange and red features and a heart on its palm. And this month, each time you share this particular emoji in a Venmo payment note, Aldi will donate ten meals to Feeding America, Hello Giggles reports

"All you have to do is either select the Turkey Hand emoji icon from the emoji picker, or type 'Friendsgiving' into autocomplete in a Venmo transaction, to get those meals donated, up to a million total."


Feeding America is a nationwide hunger-relief charity that works to end hunger for those 41 million people facing hunger in the country today.

"Millions of people are still struggling to get by because of underemployment, stagnant wages and rising costs of living," the organization reports. "In fact, more than 46 million people still turn to the Feeding America network each year for extra support." And hunger affects everyone from child to seniors and of all races and backgrounds. 

Beyond using the Turkey Hand Friendsgiving Emoji, you can join in the fight against hunger by donating to Feeding America, volunteering your time at a local food bank, and become an advocate, among other actions. 

"As friends and family gather around the dinner table this November, they can also help provide nutritious food to people in need," Andy Wilson, Chief Development Officer at Feeding America says in a press release. "We're proud to work with ALDI and Venmo to raise awareness and engagement in hunger relief."


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