This Guy Is Named The World's Best DJ, But You Might Not Have Even Heard Of Him

"Rhythm. You have it or you don't."

Though your grandpa may not consider that "scratching" noise actual music, DJing, in its truest form, can't be denied as art. 

And those at the top, like Tiesto, Skrillix, Swedish House Majia and Deadmau5 have hit the big time, making millions by mixing samples and beats with the latest technology. 

But now, we're on the hunt to find someone who keeps it real — Someone who performs without using MacBooks, but rather sticks to the good ole' fashioned turntables and equipment — and we think it might just be Ontario-based DJ Jake "Vekked" Meyer. 


Vekked makes some truly funky sounds that are like dayummmm.

Vekked is no stranger to success, as he is the first Canadian to ever win the DMC World Supremacy, the Disco Mix Club's (DMC) annual DJ competition, after taking the title for Canadian DMC Champion. He then went on to become the first person EVER to also win the International DJ Association (IDA) in the very same year. 

And when you see the video of his performance, you'll understand why...

His performance for the DMC World Finals is so polished and funky, that it'll give you chills — Like, actual chills. Not the fake kind. 

Check it out below:

Though Vekked has been DJing since 2004, and has won multiple titles, you still may not have heard of him. This week, however, his video performance for the DMC World Finals made it to the front page of Reddit, giving him some well-deserved recognition around the globe. 

And it's like the sample in his set says: "Rhythm. You have it or you don't." 

(H/T: Reddit

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