This Innovative Brand Is Making Modest Activewear So Everyone Can Work Out In What They Want

"Veil promises to bring innovation and continue to revolutionize the way women wear the hijab."

There are many things that get in the way of going to the gym. Household chores, work and exhaustion are common culprits. One thing that should never prevent people from working out, however, is inaccessibility to gym clothes that make them feel comfortable — an issue faced by many hijab-wearing women.

Fortunately, people are working to change that. Veil, an activewear line that combines performance with modest dress, is a brand with a mission to revolutionize the way women wear modest clothing and the hijab. "Our vision not only encompasses the need to make modest-wear more comfortable and functional, but to motivate and inspire women around the globe to follow and accomplish whatever goals they dream of," the brand states on their website. 


According to Fashionistathe seed for the company was planted a couple of years ago when Ahmad Ghamen noticed a gap in the sportswear market. The brand launched less than a year ago with a Kickstarter campaign for a performance, climate-adapting hijab.

After the success of the first campaign, Veil has recently launched a second Kickstarter campaign for Spark, a half-zip sweater, and Halo, a running hoodie. The looser silhouettes, side hip slits, pockets, stay-put scuba head coverings and longer lengths are all based on customer feedback.

Veil's designs not only provide adequate coverage and high performance, they are also stylish. Ghamen told Stylecaster, "Anybody can make modest attire, but we wanted to differentiate ourselves by giving that athletic, flashy, stylish vibe to complement the coverage. Nobody should have to sacrifice one for the other." Plus, the prices are affordable compared to many other sportswear brands. The Spark Half-Zip Sweater is available for pre-order with a pledge of $51, while the Halo Running Hoodie, can be yours for a pledge of $55.

While choosing more modest sportswear is a matter of taste for some, for those who wear modest dress for religious reasons, such as Muslim women who wear head coverings, it's more than just an aesthetic. Hijabi model Mariah Idrissi has previously spoken out about why she chose to wear a hijab full-time and of its importance, 

"I found much interest in religion and history from a young age and saw the beauty in having modesty both inside and out," she told A Plus back in April.

Any gym-goer knows that having the right gear is essential for superb performance. Veil gives women innovative options that are in keeping with modest values, so they can go out and accomplish their fitness goals. 


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