A Look Back At The History Of Super Bowl Halftime Shows

From New Kids on the Block to Michael Jackson, Beyoncé and more.

This weekend, the Atlanta Falcons will meet the New England Patriots at Super Bowl LI in Houston. 

Additionally, Lady Gaga is set to perform an "inclusive" halftime show, which she says will celebrate the "spirit of equality," according to Us magazine. And if it's anything like Gaga's other performances, we're sure it will be absolutely incredible.

In anticipation of what's sure to be an entertaining event for sports and music fans alike, Vanity Fair took a look back at years of legendary Super Bowl halftime shows and rounded them up into one video. 

"Halftime shows featured college bands in the early Super Bowl days," the publication notes. "But they've evolved a lot since then."

So far, acts have included Michael Jackson, Aerosmith, Prince, and 2016's performance featuring Coldplay, Beyoncé, and Bruno Mars, among others. 

Take a look at the full video below and see if you can pick a favorite: 



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