Tattoo Artist Uses Human Body As A Canvas For Her Hyper-Realistic Paintings

These are hard to believe.

Russian tattoo artist Valentina Ryabova skillfully uses human skin as a canvas for her incredibly realistic paintings.


After graduating from Graphic Design, Valentina realized she doesn't want to work as a designer.

Instead, she decided to buy her first tattoo kit and start learning the subtle art from her friend.

Valentina says she prefers improvisation over sketches, but always uses photos as a base.

"I can't work using paintings because I see there many mistakes (lightening, reflects, volume etc). So I choose some good photos and do all the rest work in my head," Valentina explained in an interview with Skin Artists.

One of the most important criteria in a drawing is contrast. It allows Valentina to show volume and make long-lasting works.

According to Ryabova, she sees tattooing more as an artistic realization than a job.

To see more of Valentina's work, follow her on Facebook and Instagram. (H/T: ViralNova)

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