Here's How A Simple Miscommunication In A Relationship Can Be Disastrous

Oh. No.

In the summer of 2007, Jay David went on a two week vacation.


The YouTuber and blogger was going to backpack around Europe. 

Naturally, he was very excited, telling friends, family, and, of course, his girlfriend.

But, unfortunately, his girlfriend missed the memo.

David spoke to her the night before he left to say goodbye.

As fickle fortune would have it, however, she still didn't seem to realize he was actually going to be gone for two whole weeks.

She didn't realize he was going to be out of the country and unable to access his email or voicemail. Remember this was 2007. 

So when he got back from his vacation, he had quite a full inbox. Watch the video below to see for yourself.

The lesson? COMMUNICATE.

Redundancy is safety in communication. Leave notes, letters, voicemails, emails and reminders. Yes, it might be overbearing, but why risk the romantic disaster?

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