This Couple Sang Their Own Wedding Vows.. And It's The Most Romantic Thing You Could See


Michael and Carissa Alvarado are musicians who met and fell in love.


They tell part of their story in their Facebook bio:

"Three years ago, two emerging solo artists from opposite sides of the country randomly collided, fell in love, and combined their talents to form Us The Duo. A few successful YouTube videos (23+ million views) encouraged these songwriters to write their own music together, leading them to produce their first self-titled album, 'Us.' After its release, Michael and Carissa got married and have been traveling and playing music together ever since."

The couple showcased their exceptional talents in a song they wrote entitled "No Matter Where You Are."

Their first performance of the song was at their wedding.

The song served as their wedding vows.

But what's most beautiful about this couple isn't just their music.

"We like dancing in public and making fools of ourselves. When you're in love, nothing else matters." 

It's that there's something so palpable about their affections, something beautiful about seeing love so organic, something about them that just makes you trust in goodness and love.

It's a reminder of the good things about relationships: the things shared and the wonderful opportunities afforded us by chance and courage. 

Whether you're single or in a relationship, those opportunities exist every day. Dare to grab hold of possibilities. 

For more of UsTheDuo's music, visit their website, YouTube channel and Facebook page. As you can see, we also like their Instagram.

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