Usher And James Corden Sing The Hits And Take A Few Detours In Carpool Karaoke

"I think we might be close to my Hollywood star."

James Corden debuted a new Carpool Karaoke Tuesday night, this time featuring none other than Usher. The two make for a smile-inducing pair, as they sing along to hits like "Yeah!" and "Burn," and even take a few detours along the way. (Corden says he has to get to work, but it can wait.)


"Would I be able to show you what I've got in the club, and you just give me some pointers, where I'm going wrong?" Corden asks the singer, who agrees to be his teacher.

First they go over how to properly enter the club (with a few too many jazz hands on Corden's part), before trying out a few dance moves. We'd say Corden's got it down, although he jokes to Usher, "I'm never going to the club with you."

And the stops don't end there. At one point, Usher mentions, "I think we might be close to my Hollywood star," so they pull over and give it a quick clean before instructing fans to walk around it.

After a few more jams and some conversation about Usher's attempts at veganism (he eats beef, chicken, and bacon, so it's not going so well), the pair spots a few guys with car trouble in the middle of the road. "We're putting out fires all over the place today," Corden remarks as the two step out to help give the car a push. 

Watch all the fun in the video below:


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