15 Crazy Innovative Kitchen Products You Don't Need, But Might Really, Really Want

Seen this year at Ambiente, the largest consumer goods trade show in the world.

Let's be honest here: no one would mistake me for a cooking connoisseur. I don't have knife skills, a close relationship with my pressure cooker, or celebrated family recipes up my sleeve. I also don't necessarily know the difference between grilling and barbecuing, and I definitely don't do the whole "taste your food as you add ingredients" thing Gordan Ramsay is always talking about on MasterChef. 

I do, however, enjoy cooking at my average-at-best skill level, and I get really excited about things that help make my life in the kitchen easier. I especially appreciate when a brand employs humor or playfulness when making these useful products. 

So when I attended Ambiente, the largest consumer goods trade show in the world, this year, I was happy to discover a ton of products that did just that. As I walked from booth to booth, I saw some things that were sleek and shiny, and others that were simply wacky and fun. No matter what they were, all were innovative and useful in some way — even if their purpose was just to make people smile.

Here are some of my favorite kitchen tools showcased at Ambiente this year.


1. This knife that melts butter as you spread it.

The SpreadTHAT! knife uses the warmth from the palm of your hand to soften anything you're trying to spread. You no longer have to worry about biting into a clump of butter. It's dishwasher safe and made with titanium coating that's non-toxic and food-contact safe.

2. This mug that won't let you accidentally knock it over.

The Mighty Mug uses smartgrip technology that prevents spills and lifts naturally. It's BPA safe, dishwasher friendly, and comes with a 100 percent happiness guarantee. 

"Simply place Mighty Mug down on your desk and it creates a powerful airlock which allows Mighty Mug to resist accidental knocks to help avoid spills," it says on its website. "When you lift Mighty Mug the pressure is instantly normalized allowing the airlock to release and Mighty Mug to lift naturally. You need to try it to believe it." 

I did try it and was impressed to see that it worked beautifully. 

3. This kitchen garden that grows herbs three times faster than traditional growing methods.

"The Active Growing Technology enables up to 3x times faster growth compared to traditional growing methods. Best of all, growing herbs, lettuce and plants is effortless and does not require previous experience. Only 15 minutes of maintenance per month will ensure successful and enjoyable home growing," it says on its website. "The Genie system is a uniquely suited solution for city life – with one nutrient pack, you can enjoy 3x speed growing result. What you just need to do is add water to the plants and 4 AA size batteries." 

4. This ice cream scooper that uses heat to make it easier to scoop ice cream.

The ScoopTHAT! ice cream scooper makes it so much easier to get your Ben & Jerry's from pint to bowl. The handle has a heat-storing bio safe liquid that transfers warmth to the scoop to soften up your ice cream. With this thing, you won't have to wait for your ice cream to melt or struggle to scoop. 

5. This kitchen sponge holder that's shaped like a bed.

The Clean Dreams kitchen sponge holder is adorably shaped like a bed, complete with pillows. It might just prevent you from leaving your sponge in your nasty sink for prolonged periods of time. 

6. This stool that uses hot water to keep your body warm for up to two hours.

Alright so this minimalist baby isn't available for purchase quite yet, but how bad do you want to put the Warm Stool on your wish list? Simply pour steaming hot water into the clay seat and secure it with a wooden plug. It'll make your kitchen an even cozier place to be and help you play into the Hygge hype

7. This witch-shaped spoon holder and steam releaser.

The Agatha spoon holder and steam releaser is a purple witch that you get to utilize in your everyday potions. Connect it to the side of your pot to keep your spoon from drowning. To let steam out, secure Agatha and then place the pot's lid on top. Not exactly witchcraft, but it does come in handy. 

8. This thawing plate that defrosts meat without any external heat or power source.

"ThawTHAT! defrosts meat right on the countertop without any external heat or power source for a gentle, even thaw in less than half the time of traditional countertop thawing," according to its website. It's made from a rugged aluminum construction, eco-friendly, and dishwasher safe. 

"But why wouldn't you just use your microwave to thaw food?" you ask. "Using a microwave actually cooks your food even at the defrost setting. You may end up with a hard, crusty piece of meat that is raw on the inside and tough on the outside! No amount of marinate will help with the taste after you use a microwave," the creators say

9. This efficient bike-shaped pizza cutter that utilizes two blades to cut your pizza.

The Fixie pizza cutter comes in a variety of colors and patterns. "It reinterprets the pizza cutter with a small patterned bike leaning on its stand. The efficient design allows you to cut the pizza at once with its two wheel-blades," it says on its website. 

OK, so most of us don't spend too much time cutting our pizza anyway, but it's still way cooler than your average pizza cutting tool. 

10. These heat sensitive mugs that keep you from burning yourself.

How many times have you burned your tongue from sipping your coffee, tea, or hot chocolate too early? I, for one, avoid hot beverages for this reason. But this Morph Coffee Mug Heart might just change things for me. 

"Just add your favorite hot beverage and watch these mugs morph right before your eyes. Made of thermographic inks, these mugs react to heat, revealing new and fun artwork. As your beverage cools, the graphics change back to their original state," it says on its website. 

11. This dip bowl that keeps whatever you have in it hot for over 30 minutes.

Whether it's spinach dip, melted chocolate, or gravy, the HeatTHAT! dip bowl helps to keep your dip nice and hot. 

"Just pop the silicone-insulated base into the microwave for 60 seconds, place it under the matching ceramic bowl, and enjoy every last gooey morsel. Never settle for dip gone cold again," its says on its website. 

12. This magic lamp that works as both a drink stopper and pourer.

"This legendary oil lamp can grant you three wishes: easily poured olive oil, a clever seal to keep it fresh, and a magical look that adds charm to your bottle!" it says on its website. 

Oh, and it's called the Oiladdin, which is punnily perfect. 

13. These bartending glasses that teach you to make four different cocktails.

These glasses will instantly make you a better bartender. Each of the Bartending Glasses has four different drink options on each side for a total of 16 unique drinks. 

14. This magnet that lets everyone in the house know whether the dishes inside the dishwasher are clean or dirty.

This handy FlipSide reversible dishwasher magnet will save you and your loved ones (or roommates you feel indifferent about) from having to open and close the dishwasher to check whether what's inside is clean or dirty. The magnet is backed with non-staining adhesive and works on any dishwasher door. When dishes are clean, flip to the side that says, "Come in, we're clean." When the dishwasher is filled with dirty plates, switch it to the side that says, "Sorry, we're dirty."

15. This platter that keeps food chilled for up to a half hour.

The ChillTHAT! Platter helps to keep your cold cuts, cheeses, or desserts nice and chilled without you having to worry if you've served them up too soon. Instead, your guests will be able to enjoy the food you've prepared or purchased in the way it's supposed to taste, even if it's been nearly a half hour since you took it out of the fridge. 

"Using liquid cold plate technology, ChillTHAT! Platter keeps food deliciously chilled for up to 30 minutes. Simply remove it from the freezer, and use it to serve up your next dish," it says on its website.


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