A Woman Will FINALLY Appear On American Paper Money For First Time in 100 Years

The U.S. Treasury made the #TheNew10 official!

It's official!

After years of women not appearing on American paper money for the last 100 years — and only on just three coins, ugh — the U.S. Department of Treasury officially confirmed that  a redesign of the $10 bill will feature a woman's face. Secretary of the Treasury Jack Lew announced yesterday the news in a statement now uploaded to YouTube.

"U.S. currency ... has long been a way for us to honor our past, express our values and capture the prevailing sentiment of the time," he says. "I'm proud to announce today that the new $10 bill will be the first bill in more than a century to feature the portrait of a woman. This historic endeavor has been years in the making."

And it's about time! 

Lew says that the new bill — which could replace founding father and very first Secretary of Treasury Alexander Hamilton entirely — will be available in 2020, the anniversary of the 19th Amendment which gave women the right to vote. 

The change comes after a February Change.org petition that went viral, which asked the U.S. government to put a woman's face on American currency. Mother of girls Betty Gatton started to petition in hopes of reaching the president and Secretary Lew himself. 

"When my daughters ask me to tell them who the people in those pictures are, I want to be able to tell them diverse stories about our nation's past and inspire them to know that everyone has the power to influence our world — no matter their race, ethnicity, or gender," she wrote on the petition.

Now, she will.


Now the question is: Who will be the face of the new $10 bill? People shared some thoughts on Twitter:

And of course ...

Correction: This post originally referred to Alexander Hamilton as a former U.S. President. He was actually the Secretary of Treasury and a founding father.


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