What Do You Think Of This Minimalist U.S. Currency Design?

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Did you know that the $1 was designed back in 1963?

Recently, there's been an attempt to re-imagine what a totally new dollar design would look like. The mock-up was posted on Reddit and stirred quite the controversy in the online community.


It seems to follow the news about the upcoming tweak of Norwegian currency design. By 2017, Norway will be releasing the new banknotes that feature minimalist, blurry, sort of pixelated with ocean-themed images.

The U.S. dollar has been re-designed in a similar manner, with dimmed color pallete and abstract scenes depicting America's famous landmarks and historical moments.

Five dollar note shows the American farmland.

Despite the clean design and inspiring quotes on the front and on the back of the bills, most of the people weren't satisfied with the attempt. 

Some of the most common responses were that the currency should feature former U.S. presidents, symbols like an eagle, and have more historical resonance. 

Ten dollar note with a Willis (Sears) Tower.

Twenty dollar bill presumably depicts the Malibu Pipeline.

Fifty dollar note illustrates the US space program.

Hundred dollar note with the Snake river.

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