'Uptown Funk' Dance Scenes Mash-Up Is What You Need To Funkify Your Day

You've never seen 'Uptown Funk' like this before.

A tune like "Uptown Funk" comes along once in a blue moon. It's the kind of song whose pop and funk sensibilities are so perfectly paired that you can't help but move your feet to it. 

Just to prove how flawless it is, video site What's The Mashup compiled 100 iconic dance scenes from movies and synched them up perfectly with "Uptown Funk."

The result is a mesmerizing blend of scenes you already love, set to the producer Mark Ronson's catchy beats and Bruno Mars' powerful voice.


Trying to identify all the dance scenes in this video makes everything that much more fun.

From 'Grease' to that hilarious scene in '13 Going On 30,' we bet most of these dances will be familiar.

"Uptown Funk" has made the rounds since it first was released, but trust us — you've never seen it like this before. 

Watch the video here:


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