What's Better Than Watching These 66 Old Movies? What This Guy Did!

This is so much fun to watch.

Maybe the midshipmen of the U.S. Naval Academy had a drone and some pretty fantastic moves of their own, but you're going to love the razor-sharp editing precision demonstrated by YouTubers Nerd Fest UK, who took clips from 66 Golden Age song-and-dance films and VERY carefully turned them into one of the most epic videos for Mark Ronson's (feat. Bruno Mars) 2015 mega-classic "Uptown Funk" that you will ever see. 

According to the comments in the video, the editing and selection took a solid THREE WEEKS of work. Not sure about you, but if I had to edit that much video to perfectly match a song, I'd probably lose my mind and end up in a literal "Uptown Funk" of a purely psychological nature. Not Nerd Fest UK, however: not only is the video perfectly timed, it covers some of the greatest movies ever made ...


From this up-wall funk from 1951's "Royal Wedding" ...

... to the memorable street synchronicity of "Cover Girl" (1944) ...

... to the 1952 classic that still has audiences recklessly destroying furniture and "Singin' In The Rain" ...

This video mash-up has EVERYTHING. Watch it now:

Nerd Fest UK asks that if you love this video, you consider donating to one or more of these film conservation societies, which we are delighted to link you to:

The British Film Institute
The George Eastman Museum
The Film Foundation

(H/T: DowzerW.)


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