Here's What Your Upstairs Neighbors Are Doing Right Now

You've probably lived under these people at one point.

Ever have upstairs neighbors?


If you have, you'll see how perfectly comedy network Above Average captures the experience of living beneath unseen people who seem at once omnipotently sleepless and impossibly noisy in "Everyone's Upstairs Neighbors," a fantastic video posted to their YouTube channel.

The video begins by introducing us to David and Julia, a harmless looking couple who spend their entire life tormenting their downstairs neighbor.

It hits home (ahem), capturing every nuisance, annoyance and agony of living beneath loud neighbors.

See it for yourself. These people may be living above you.

Above Average is part of Broadway Video, the group that brings us "Portlandia," "Late Night With Seth Meyers," and "Saturday Night Live."

For more from Above Average, check out their website.

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