8 'Foodie' Words From Cultures Around The World That Don't Have An English Equivalent, But Should

Anyone else planning to be "kalsarikännit" tonight?

Whether it's words that describe some of the most beautiful emotions people experience or ones that define love, we love learning vocabulary words in foreign languages that don't quite have an English equivalent.  

Recently, the team over at Expedia UK decided to learn a few new untranslatable words themselves. In a project titled International Language of Foodies, they illustrated eight untranslatable words that relate to the world of food and drink. They don't have a single-word equivalent in English to translate their meaning in the exact same way as it's meant in the origin language.  

"The idea came about because one thing that we often share from our holidays is the different types of food we tried when abroad," Alex Cassidy, a spokesperson for the project, told A Plus. "The local cuisine is very representative of the region, and we wanted to highlight that the way we talk about food changes from place to place, too. These words show a glimpse into different cultures, and the fact that there is no direct translation in English makes them all the more unique." 


While these words may not have an English equivalent or an equivalent in many other languages for that matter, their meanings may show people that we're all more alike than we are different. 

"Scouring languages for these phrases was no easy task, but we wanted them to show an insight into human behavior as much as possible," Cassidy said. "As a result many of them are very relatable. Who hasn't overeaten after a failed romance? Or continued to eat when they are already full? We hope that they capture feelings that everyone, regardless of the continent they are on, has experienced, and that by illustrating them, we are bridging the gap in translation." 

We all connect over food, language, and art. So we might just learn a thing or two by combining all three. 

You can check out the illustrations from the project below.

1. "Natmad" in Danish

2. "Kalsarikännit" in Finnish

3. "Sobremesa" in Spanish

4. "Shemomechama" in Georgian

5. "Kummerspeck" in German

6. "Madárlátta" in Hungarian

7. "Utepils" in Norwegian

8. "Engili" in Telegu


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