The Universe Is Dying, But You Can't Even Fathom How Much Time Is Left

You still have a bit of time to sort out your affairs.

All good things must come to an end. The universe, home to us, Earth, our solar system, our galaxy, and really everything that has existed or ever will exist, is no exception. The good news is it won't happen for at least another 100 billion years.

Considering the universe is just a spritely 13.8 billion years young currently, this declaration of a slow death may seem a bit premature. With the same logic, wouldn't a 13-year-old who lives a long, productive life before passing away at 100 also be considered to be "slowly dying"?

However, researchers have determined that the universe is giving off about half as much energy as it was two billion years ago. Using this figure, the scientists calculated that the universe has about 100 billion years of energy left to burn off, so for now we can focus on more pressing issues like how we're even going to keep Earth habitable long enough to get to that mark.


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