#NoFilter Hashtag Is Trending In Dubai Right Now, But Not For The Usual Reasons

Earth < Mars.

These kind of pictures are usually made by using a sepia filter, right? Not in Dubai.


The United Arab Emirates and its most populous city, Dubai, were hit by a major sandstorm today, leaving everything covered in bright, orange fog.

The dust-filled air made it almost impossible to see further than your nose or even breathe normally.

According to The Independent, Dubai's airport had to divert 12 inbound flights due to the freaky conditions. A number of traffic accidents have been reported, too.

UAE's National Centre of Meteorology and Seismology (NCMS) reports that visibility was reduced to as little as 500 meters.

It kind of actually looks like Earth got tired of being the green planet and decided to be more like Mars instead.

Sooo post-apocalyptic.

Despite NCMS warning residents to stay inside, a lot of people were eager to take a selfie in the crazy weather.

The car owners were understandably less thrilled.

(H/T: The Independent, NCMS)

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