7 Musical Instruments That Take Design To A Whole New Level

One of each, please.

You might think all musical instruments are created equal, but these seven amazing designs may convince you otherwise.

From custom-made guitars, to violins of the future, the designs (pictured below) are all pretty rad.


1. A piano designed to resemble a whale rising above the waves.

The Whaletone grand piano is pretty jaw-dropping. It's created by a British company, headed by Polish designer Robert Majkut, and is built upon request only.

Inspired by whales, it also comes in plenty of different shades, ranging from red to purple.

"I saw this very strange and beautiful form in my dream — a whale rising from the water in a strange form resembling a piano," Majkut explained to WIPO Magazine.

2. Neat guitar designs for a good cause.

As you might have heard, the frontman from the Grammy award-winning Zac Brown Band recently teamed up with good-for-you beverage company Bai to create The Guitar Project.

The project commissioned five emerging artists to design authentic looks of custom Taylor Guitars. The country singer played all the guitars on the stage during his latest tour, and they are currently being auctioned off on eBay. All proceeds will be donated to the singer's charity Camp Southern Ground, which serves both children and their families facing social, academic, and emotional difficulties.

Check out some of our favorite designs below.

3. The Earth Harp.

"The WHAT?" you might be thinking.

In the video above, musician William Close of The Earth Harp Collective plays the strings, set up 15 feet in the air at the Burning Man festival in 2011. The instrument is called the Earth Harp, and has been played in various venues by the collective. Close even showed off the amazing instrument on America's Got Talent in 2012. 

4. This mermaid sculpture that's actually a guitar.

Designed by Andy Manson, best know for Led Zeppelin John Paul Jones'  triple neck guitar, this life-size body took three years to create


5. A waterproof saxophone you can play while surfing. For real.

You might be wondering why someone would leave a perfectly good sax so close to the ocean.  Well, Vibrato Saxophone is made of polycarbonate, making it entirely waterproof.

Don't be fooled by those flashy colors, though — it's not just for kids.

6. This instrument that looks like a giant tree.

Who says that musical instruments can't be 10 feet tall? The Singing Ringing tree, made of steel pipes, was built in Burley, England, and designed by architects Mike Tonkin and Anna Liu. 

When blown by the wind, the instrument makes melodic sounds. 

7. Like Stradivarius, except 3D printed.

3D printing musical instruments is no longer a thing of the future. 

The 3Dvarious' design is based on an iconic Stradivarius violin, except the final look is way more futuristic.

Any cool designs we missed? Let us know in the comments.


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