These Are The Gifts Women Said They Were Genuinely Thrilled To Receive From Their Partners

#8 is great.

How many times have you scrambled to get the perfect gift for your S.O. only to be met with a tight, polite smile when they opened the present? Don't worry, it's happened to the best of us because no matter how well we may know someone, it can be incredibly difficult to nail the whole gift-giving thing.

To give you an idea of how to make the most out of the holiday, we searched Reddit for some of the best gifts men say they've received. Now we've gone back to the forums to find out the gifts that women say they actually loved from their partners. 

Scroll down to see some of their responses. 


1. A beautiful pen.

"The most incredible gift my boyfriend of three years gave me was a bright blue fountain pen. I don't like to take notes on the computer, I'm constantly making lists, and I draw comics. On top of that, I write in a funky cursive script. I couldn't find a pen (or pencil) that I liked anywhere. For Christmas before I graduated high school, my boyfriend gave me a fountain pen. Every time I use it, it reminds me that I am loved." — johnnnyBgoode

2. Homemade chocolates.

"100 percent best gift ever was was before my S.O. and I got together he made me Batman chocolates for Christmas. I love Batman and I'm allergic to everything in the world, but I can have white chocolate. It was so thoughtful and touching I couldn't believe it." — PyramidHead

3. A personalized mug.

"He bought a plain white mug, then painted it with me. He even painted his bottom lip red and pressed it onto the cup so that whenever I have a sip of coffee, it's like I'm giving him kisses. He washed the paint off right away guys, he's fine — but as others have said, be careful of which paints you're putting in your mouth :P" — MissFlynnstone

4. A book tailored to a specific interest.

"Books. My boyfriend and I are both sci-fi nerds. He has dyslexia, and does not read well. I have over 300 books and love to read. So he gets me sci-fi books and we snuggle as I read them to him. It's super nerdy, but it fits us. The best gifts are tailored to activities both of you enjoy. They bring you closer to each other, and can be enjoyed over and over again." — SkepticalOfTruth

5. A personalized reminder of love.

"I used to battle with depression a lot. One Christmas, I got a jar filled with little notes from my boyfriend at the time. All notes said things like 'You're beautiful,' 'I'm so glad I met you,' 'You're my everything' and things like that. It was one of the sweetest things I've ever gotten." — Sushi-K

6. Functional, yet significant, gifts.

"My boyfriend and I were driving somewhere and we saw a shooting star one night. After we both made a wish, I remember mentioning that the first wish I ever made on a shooting star was for a purple fork (I was kind of a weird 4-year-old). Anyway, this was also my first Christmas in my new apartment and I had the typical hodge-podge of spare silverware you get from relatives, so he bought me a brand new purple silverware set! He said that he wanted to make my very first wish come true. Every gift I've gotten from him has been wonderful, but this one sticks out because it was both functional and incredibly sweet. God, I love that man." — EekaNumber3

7. Something she'll actually need.

"He got me the coziest socks ever for Christmas last year because I always stole his wool socks so he got me my own. He thinks of the most thoughtful things to give me and it gives me the best feels." — Rustys_Shackleford

8. A DIY present.

"When I was 17, my 19-year-old boyfriend made me a teddy bear. It was the ugliest damn teddy in the world, but the fact that this tough, silent guy made it was amazing." — applejones

9. A small token that shows you really know her.

"My first boyfriend gave me one of those hair clips with the teeth (I don't really know how to describe then) that looked like a bumblebee for Christmas. I still have it somewhere." — soccergirl13

10. A comfy pair of slippers.

"A pair of dollar store slippers and a parfait. He noticed I was always wearing socks around the house because I hate getting my feet dirty so he bought me some comfy slippers. This guy had bought me lavish dresses and jewelry and flowers, but the dollar store slippers were the sweetest." — full-of-grace

11. A memory box.

"Last Christmas my husband used the powers of Reddit to give me the most incredible gift I may ever receive. On Christmas morning I peeled off the wrapping paper on my present to find a little treasure box with the word 'home' stenciled on the lid. Inside were little labeled vials with their contents varying from dirt to a tiny swatch off the first onesie each of our kids had ever worn. Basically, he took tiny pieces of all the important places and people in my life and put them in one tangible place. Most notable was one vial with water from the river of time in Epcot and dirt from outside the dorm window where we met. My heart was ready to burst. Best. Gift. EVER." — phospheneflash

12. Christmas ornaments.

"For our first Christmas together while still in a long distance relationship, he got me two small ornaments in a matching style, one with his name, one with mine. He included a note to the effect of looking forward to the first Christmas when we'd be together in person. He buys me a Christmas ornament every year now to keep up the tradition." — KyrDawn

13. Something that celebrates your memories.

"My first boyfriend and I grew up on the same street. We went to school together from kindergarten onward and started dating when I was sixteen. My senior year, for Christmas, he gave me a locket on a keychain with our kindergarten school pictures in the frames." — littlendian

14. A piece of jewelry specific to her.

"My ex bought me a black diamond ring for Christmas one year. He chose it entirely on his own and the design was so perfect. He even managed to keep it a secret and when I begged for a hint told me 'it's never ending.' I cried when he have it to me, no one had ever given me such a beautiful present, and it's still to be topped." — littleblizz

15. Anything handmade.

"For our first Christmas together, my boyfriend handmade me something. We are both young college students, so neither one of us could afford anything big. He's an artist, so he painted me a pair of shoes so specific to my interests that I actually cried. You could see all the time he put into it. I love Disney, so he painted me a pair of shoes with Cinderella's castle, Tangled scenes, and my favorite quote on the side." — Bobo1993

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