5 Unique Compliments For Women That Don't Reference Their Looks

"Honesty is a trait that everyone should strive for, so let's stop punishing women who are determined to say what's exactly on their mind."

Women are accustomed to receiving compliments that focus almost solely on their appearance. In fact, it's quite rare to hear any unique compliments for women that don't reduce them to nothing more than eye candy. While complimenting women on their appearance focuses on superficial beauty, compliments about their personality and their actions demonstrate an appreciation for their inner beauty. Yet, while women are judged by their looks far more than their male counterparts, it's much easier to offer character-related praise for women than some might think. Here are five worthwhile compliments for women that value ability over beauty:


“I love how you always take care of ... ”

Show your appreciation for all that she does by complimenting her actions over her appearance.

"Women tend to take on a lot of the emotional burden in most households," Michelene M. Wasil, licensed marriage and family therapist in San Diego, CA, tells Best Life. "Making a comment on how kind or thoughtful she is means you really take notice that she's doing all those little things."

“You’re hilarious!”

As Madeleine Holden writes for Ask Men, the persistent myth that women aren't funny can hinder the relationship dynamic. She explains that "men are so preoccupied with the idea that they need to be The Funny One in the relationship that they stifle their significant other's attempts at humor or drown them out, and this can lead to an awkward dynamic where your girl feels under-appreciated in the comedy department and like you're always trying to outshine her."

"Show sincere appreciation for her humor, and she'll warm to you as a result," Holden adds. "The bonus here is that, by complimenting your girlfriend on her sense of humor, you establish that you aren't a sexist idiot who thinks women aren't capable of inducing a belly laugh."

"You're so accomplished, I hope to be where you are in five years' time."

Moe Thet War of Bustle notes that, while there are plenty of backhanded "compliments" to go around -- "You're single? Oh, I guess that's why you put in all those late nights" -- we should be praising women's careers instead of shaming them for their professional pursuits.

"There are so many women whose careers are phenomenal, and although it's still difficult for society to not view a female boss as bossy (and instead as, ya know, the boss), we need to try harder to praise a woman's career as earnestly and sincerely as we would their perfect winged eyeliner."

“Can I get your opinion on something? You always have such a great perspective.”

Praising a woman's intelligence demonstrates that you've taken the time to get to know her below surface level and that you value her perspective.

"Letting her know that not only do you think she's smart, but that you also respect her point of view will develop your intellectual chemistry," Courtney Brunson writes for Elite Daily. "She'll see you as more than the guy that buys her food. She'll finally recognize you as a guy with partner-in-crime potential."

"I appreciate your honesty because I trust that you'll always tell it like it is."

When men tell the truth, they're considered assertive, but when women speak their minds, their comments are sometimes interpreted as "nasty."  But, as War explains, we need to prove women's insights add value by encouraging them to contribute to the conversation.

"Honesty is a trait that everyone should strive for, so let's stop punishing women who are determined to say what's exactly on their mind," War writes. "My best girlfriends are the ones who will answer me truthfully whenever I ask them something important, even if it's not the answer I want. If we wouldn't label a man's honest opinion as "catty," then let's stop doing that with women, and let's start praising those who care enough to be frank."

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