6 Kids Who Can Break Your Heart With Just Markers And A Piece Of Paper


Childhood is a time for big, beautiful dreams. It's a time when magic should still be real, when all you could ever want to accomplish should still seem within reach of your (tiny) fingertips. It's should be marked by promise, not despair.

For their heartbreaking photoseries "Everyday Voices In Gaza," UNICEF asked Palestinian kids to draw their visions of the wartorn region's future. Despite the world literally falling in around them, some still managed to dream big, filling their pages with bright yellow suns and fluttering butterflies, imagining a Gaza that had time to heal.

If the juxtaposition of the hope-filled drawings with the kids' current situations wasn't affecting enough, it's important to note that others were not so cheerful. 14-year-old Kasem might believe that there will eventually be peace, but his drawing doesn't show it. Instead, his vision of the future captures the region's ongoing tragedy, with families fleeing buildings targeted by missiles, an ambulance at their heels.

The photoseries underscores the importance of UNICEF's programs in the region, from working to ensure children's safety and continued education to creating alternatives for at-risk teens. Check it out below.


Yosef, 6

Alaa, 10

Kasem, 14

Doaa, 9

Loai, 6

Shahed, 10

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