6 Times Ocean's Greatest Creatures Got Up Close And Personal With Humans


This week, boaters captured an insane encounter with whales in Chile.


The huge whales approach the boat, rocking it around as they flap their tails. The spectators all seem to be pretty amused. 

And there have been plenty of other cases of super intense, close-up encounters with ocean life. Check these out:

Bahamas, 2012: National Geographic encounters the White Tip shark.

In 2012, National Geographic released this video, featuring their photographer Brian Skerry. According to Skerry, he aimed to capture the Oceanic White Tip shark, considered the fourth most dangerous species of shark, on film. 

Evidently, he did.

Mexico, 2012: Mother whale and her calf.

In 2012, boaters caught a mother grey whale lifting her calf up to the surface of the water. And everyone was PUMPED. Could you blame 'em?

Mexico, 2013: Couple meets pod of killer whales.

Killer whales followed a couple's boat for "about an hour," according to this video on CNN. The couple recorded the whales playing in the waves, making for a scene like one straight out of a movie.

Sub-Antarctic Islands, 2009: Diver meets a whale as big as a city bus.

"In a situation like this, you're in the bottom of the ocean, alone, and you've got this thing that looks like a submarine swimming up to you, but it's looking at you, and it's thinking... and your heart is pounding, and your brain is racing..." says National Geographic's Skerry.

California, 2013: Kayakers hang with humpback whales.

Kayaker Karen Hatch said "sensitive," 80,000 pound humpback whales cruised around her kayak in California. Hats off to her, because we'd be throwing a complete fit. 

Remember, approaching wildlife can be dangerous, so leave that to the professionals.


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