9 Unexpected Joys Of Starting A TV Show After Everyone Else

Idk if you've heard of it, but there's this really cool show called "Friends" ...

While it's great to be the first of your friends to discover a new show, there's also something to be said about being the last.

There's never been a better time to be an anti-hipster ... when it comes to television, anyway. Of all the wonderful things Netflix has given us, the ability to discover — and promptly binge-watch — classic TV shows is certainly one of the best. 

Besides the obvious perk of being entertained, here ae nine more accidentally amazing things that happen when you start a TV show after everyone else: 


1. You get to relive the fashion (disasters) of yesteryear.

We can thank the early 2000s for giving us some seriously questionable fashion trends, from Juicy Couture track suits to bandana shirts to gauchos. At least watching a beloved actor wear them is a lot less painful than looking through your old photos. 

2. And the latest and greatest technology.

Is there any scene more iconic than Blair Waldorf slamming closed the OG Envy phone? Probably, but Gossip Girl is arguably one of the best TV shows to portray the evolution of communication technology since the entire show revolved around it. 

3. You never have to worry about seeing spoilers on social media.

Chances are no one's live tweeting or Facebook ranting about an episode from eight years ago. Whether everything's already been spoiled for you or you've made it this far without incident, you can rest easy knowing you have waaaay less to worry about than GoT fans. 

4. Or posting them yourself.

No one's gonna slam you with a #spoileralert if you're talking about a TV show everyone's already seen. If anything, some Internet friends — and IRL ones, too — might welcome a blast from the past. 

5. You'll finally get all those obscure pop culture references.

Maybe your social circle isn't prone to remembering and quoting classic TV show scenes, or maybe you've just been missing it all. 

If you happen to hang out with the Gilmore Girls, or anyone who watches them, you're about to have a lot of "Ohhhhhh" moments. 

6. You don't have to wait for others to start watching the show so you can talk about it.

They were all waiting for you! And now that you're here, welcome to the party. 

Well, it's not so much a party as an in-depth, year-long analyzation of season 3, episode 6, but, hey, at least you can finally pick a side in the debate. 

7. You might spot an actor in a small role who's since made it big.

One of the unique novelties of discovering a TV shows years after it's aired is spying actors in guest roles who've since gone on to star in their own shows. For example, Mindy Kaling played an assistant on Curb Your Enthusiasm in 2005. Now, she's a successful fictional gynecologist with her own egg-freezing side biz. They grow up so fast ...

8. Instead of waiting for a new episode each week, you can pretend you're watching a really long movie.

TV shows become infinitely more enjoyable when you pretend it's just a movie ... that happens to last 32 hours. Patience may be a virtue, but not when it comes to queuing up the next episode. 

So whether you're on a Netflix bender or doing it old-school with a boxed DVD set, there's no time to waste when you're wasting time. 

9. You'll never be personally victimized by a season finale cliffhanger.

When a character's life hangs in the balance or a fiery romance is about to be ignited, you need to know what happens and you need to know now. And luckily for you, oh wise anti-hipster, you can. 

Revel in the freedom that comes with transcending the world of seasonal hiatuses. You may as well be in television nirvana.

Of course, no matter when you discover a TV show, no one's immune to the punches packed into a series finale. Sorry, but them's the breaks. 

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