7 Unexpected Reasons Why Drinking Wine Makes You A Better Person

Chin chin!

Wine can be a lot of things: a good ice breaker, tasty addition to a meal, soft breakup reliever (or the cause of it, if you're not careful ...). But have you ever considered that it can also be used as medicament?

Apparently, it's true. Wine — particularly red ones — are known to be full of antioxidants, which can significantly reduce the risk of coronary diseases and cancer. One of the most widely discussed examples is the "French paradox," a belief that one of the reasons for low rates of heart diseases in France, despite the country's fat-rich diet, lies in wine consumption.

But it's not all about the heart.

This infographic features a bunch of other benefits that wine has on people's health. Drawn from recent studies, facts show how moderate consumption of this alcoholic beverage can improve our well-being, both physically and mentally. 

So prepare to raise your glasses because here are seven unexpected ways wine is good for you!


1. Wine can help you lose those pounds.

2. It can put your cancer cells to sleep.

3. No more coughs and runny noses.

4. Wine helps you keep the spirits up!

5. Forget bad breath.

6. It just might be the fountain of youth.

7. You'll never have to squint when reading that wine label.

If you're already pouring yourself a glass of Merlot, be sure to remember that all of these benefits are only accounted for with moderate use only.

According to experts, there are certain limitations when it comes to wine drinking. So if you are planning to consume wine regularly, make sure you don't exceed 2-3 (women) or 3-4 (men) units per day. A standard 175-millimeter glass of 13 percent alc/vol red, white or rosé wine contains 2.3 units.

Measure accordingly and stay healthy!


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