15 Stunning, Beautiful And Completely Unexpected Carvings

It's hard to believe #7.

When we think of sculpture, we may think of folk art like scrimshaw and whittling, or ceramics like vases and coffee mugs, or maybe even glassblowing.

But most often we associate sculpture with carving: The taking away of material to reveal something within, hidden and locked away, waiting to be seen. 

We might envision the great Renaissance carvings of Michelangelo that captured classical beauty's form, poise and grace in stately, distant statues. Or the intensity that Baroque artists like Gian Lorenzo Bernini pioneered in statues that captured movement, effort and dynamism. 

What we hope to show here are sculptures that will make you rethink carving. For these startling works, carved from unlikely materials, will fool the eye, restart the brain, and hopefully make you reconsider the way you see things around you. 



1. Skull carved out of $11,000 in cash.

2. Crayons reimagined.

3. A very delicately carved apple.

4. A flintlock pistol carved from a banana.

5. A wooden watch with functioning movement.

6. A veiled face carved from marble by Livio Scarpella.

You can see more of Scarpella's work by checking out his Facebook page here.

7. These are both carved out of wood by Tom Eckert.

8. It looks like it's been liquified.

More of Tom Eckert's work can be seen on his website.

9. A flower carved from a strawberry.

10. And one carved from an apple.

11. A cave carved into a book. Artwork by Guy Laramee.

12. The Ghost Clock by Wendell Castle. Made entirely of a single piece of wood.

Yes, even the sheet.

13. By Takahiro Iwasaki. Duct tape.

14. A ring carved from solid diamond.

Not resizable.

15. Bronze made to look like wood.

Javier Pérez's website is here.

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