Photos Taken By An Unknown WWII Soldier Get Developed 70 Years Later

Someone else's memories from way back.

Every day we snap photos to capture moments of our lives that we want to remember forever. Thanks to modern technology, that's no hard task.

But years back, the situation was little different. After being snapped, photos first had to be developed to be seen. Has it ever crossed your mind that there might be millions of undeveloped rolls of film out there, just waiting to be found and have the memories they captured realized?

The Rescued Film Project recently discovered 31 rolls taken by an unknown World War II soldier, and proceeded to develop the photos. The never-before-seen moments captured on film more than 70 years ago are breathtaking.

Scroll down for the entire video.


"The photographer seemed to be really interested in capturing moments that had kind of a large significance to multiple people - groups of solders standing in harbors, and waiting for trains, and walking out of church."

(H/T: Demilked)

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