These Underwater Engagement Photos Take Love To Whole New Depths


Maikalani Dias and Leihaʻaheo Kamahele-Beeck's love story begins with the sea. 

While going for a dive in the ocean, Leiha'aheo felt something nudge her from behind. When she turned around, she saw the nudge had come from a very embarrassed snorkeler: Maika. 

They would meet two more times before finally getting introduced to one another, but the now-engaged Hawaiian natives fully acknowledge the water as the basis of their lives becoming one. 


So it makes perfect sense that they would shoot their engagement photos not just by the water, but in it.

Adam and Shawn-Marie Ravazzano of Love Water Photography realized they wanted to do a below-the-surface shoot after moving to Maui last July and knew Maikalani and Leihaʻaheo would be perfect. 

So they reached on to them on Instagram.

And given the pair's history in the water, of course, they said yes.

The Ravazzanos knew the couple, who had a good hold of swimming for optimal shots, would help them pull the shoot off.

"It would only seem appropriate to capture and celebrate the foundation of our relationship with these underwater images," Leiha'aheo told the photographers, who shared her story with A Plus.

But taking underwater shots isn't as easy (or whimsical) as it looks.

"For many of the shots Adam dove down with the couple and photographed them with 14mm and 35mm Canon lenses as they floated to the surface while I stayed and photographed them closer to the surface with a 50mm lens," Shawn-Marie told A Plus.

Still, there's no better (or cooler) way to pay homage to a couple that loves the sea.

"There's no better feeling than spending the morning in the water and being able to incorporate that in to what we do for a living makes it even better," she said.

Maikalani and Leihaʻaheo agree.

"The ocean ties us. It is the center of our story and the vastest force of which our love must stretch across during our travels," Leiha'aheo wrote.


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