The World's First Underground Park

Futuristic AND beautiful.

Hopefully, the time will never come when we need to move our parks underground.

But if it does, there may be a solution. With a unique design, one of the first parks is being built in a 116-year-old abandoned trolley terminal. Underground. In New York City.

The park was featured on the image-sharing website Imgur, and made some waves on the website Reddit this week. Check it out below.


The abandoned terminal.

Underneath Delancey St. in the Lower East Side.

20 ft tall ceilings, three blocks long.

Natural light would filter down through fiber optics.

Sunlight is transmitted into the site.

And it looks like this:

Here is what they hope it'll look like:

Plants and trees would be able to grow.

This project has been endorsed by politicians.

In 2012, they built a full scale prototype:

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