10 Underdogs Who Defied The Odds — And Might Just Inspire You To Do The Same

These success stories are a reminder to never give up.

Whether it's a sports team, a character in a coming-of-age film, or your friend who has had the same unrequited crush for three years, we all love to root for an underdog. Something about someone who isn't poised to win taking home the gold anyway is seriously gratifying. And, it's a reminder that your fate isn't set in stone by your current circumstances. 

While we see fictional stories of underdogs defying the odds in movies and TV shows all the time, we don't always realize just how many of real-life success stories started with someone most people never bet on. Every day, people are fighting through all the "Nos" and "It's just not meant to bes" and proving people wrong. 


Maybe you're an entrepreneur trying to find your way in a saturated market filled with competing corporations. Maybe, you believe your current financial situation will prevent you from becoming the author of a best-selling book. Or, maybe, you're just on a team that historically loses. Taking on a challenge when you feel it's way out of your league can be a frustrating and even terrifying task to take on. But you might just win. 

And here's proof. An infographic from Rouletteonline.net details a few real-life underdogs who defied the odds in business, the environment, or the arts. Some of these people were up against the City of New York, an empty bank account, and British Airways. But they didn't let that stop them. And neither should you. 

You can check out the infographic below:

Cover image via Featureflash Photo Agency / Shutterstock.com


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