Uncle Gets Interrogated And Tortured With Cuteness By His Baby Niece

This kid should work for the CIA or something.

We're all used to babies being these cute, innocent, helpless creatures wobbling in their cribs, smelling like freshly picked lilacs and whatnot. But who would've suspected they actually have a very dark and merciless side?

Not this guy.

James Maxson, musician and a loving uncle from New Jersey, recently experienced what it's like to go eye to eye with a furious toddler. It all started as a peaceful family dinner ...


... when Maxson's baby niece went all Rihanna on him, demanding to see the money he once borrowed from her.

Just look at this poor guy begging for forgiveness.

Now he knows: this little diva is not to be messed with.

Watch the full video below.


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